Here are some key facts about Malaga Airport:

Malaga Airport, also known as Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, is the fourth-busiest airport in Spain, serving the city of Malaga and the surrounding Costa del Sol region. Here are some key facts about Malaga Airport:

  1. Location: The airport is located approximately 8 kilometers southwest of Malaga city center and is easily accessible by car, bus, or train.
  2. Terminal facilities: Malaga Airport has one terminal building with three levels. The terminal offers a range of facilities, including shops, restaurants, cafes, duty-free stores, currency exchange, ATMs, and car rental offices.
  3. Airlines and destinations: The airport serves a wide range of airlines and destinations, including both domestic and international flights. Some of the major airlines operating at Malaga Airport include Ryanair, easyJet, Vueling, and Norwegian Air.
  4. Transportation options: There are several transportation options available at Malaga Airport, including taxis, buses, and trains. You can also rent a car from one of the many car rental companies located at the airport.
  5. Parking facilities: 1Parking offers both short-term and long-term parking options, as well as a valet parking service.
  6. Passenger numbers: Malaga Airport handles over 19 million passengers per year, making it one of the busiest airports in Spain.
  7. COVID-19 measures: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaga Airport has implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety of passengers and staff, including mandatory face masks, increased cleaning and disinfection, and social distancing measures.

These are just some of the key facts about Malaga Airport. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Malaga Airport is a convenient and well-equipped gateway to the Costa del Sol region of Spain.


1-Parking wants to guarantee the safety of its customers, with an innovative vehicle parking service.

At 1-parking we are aware about the health of our customers. That is why we offer a clean service in all vehicles that park with us, through the use of OZONE machines that allows the complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms present on any surface such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. We do it every time when a customer uses our service, either at the MALAGA AIRPORT, MARIA ZAMBRANO STATION as well as in the MARITIME PORT OF MALAGA.

Disinfection takes around 15 minutes.

We are also serving clients at home on request. Ask us about a budget, you will be surprised!

The use of ozone is very useful and is based on the fact that it is a powerful oxidant that, after eliminating viruses and pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. This is how ozone machines become sanitizing. VERY IMPORTANT, it does not use any type of chemical or dangerous material, which is 100% ecological when done the cleaning inside the customers vehicles.

Malaga implements new temperature control systems at Pablo Ruiz Picasso airport (AGP)

The Indra company, implements passenger temperature control systems at the MALAGA AIRPORT due to the large volume of passengers arriving and departing.

Indra’s system is made up of fixed cameras that will be installed in the passenger arrivals area, that will be used to carry out random controls at any point in the terminals, including the departure terminal.

The thermographic sensors used in Indra’s controls are highly accurate and highly sensitive. The cameras have a reference point (black body) with a fixed temperature to ensure their precision. The ability to detect people with fever at an airport is key to preventing infections of covid-19.

From 1-Parking, we advise all our clients not to come to the MALAGA AIRPORT with the time too tight since these controls will take time.

Park in the AVE of Málaga with 1Parking

See for yourself, comfortable with this personalized service ?Evaluate yourselves.

If you already have a reservation in our Renfe Malaga car park, please note that the telephones indicated at the top of your reservation are two switchboards and 5 telephones ring at the same time. We do not use mobile phones for security, if you are ever called from a mobile phone, it is an extension of the parking. Do not memorize that phone because no one will answer your call, this is very important for your communication with us.

Keep in mind the following steps and the AVE Malaga parking service will be a success.

You give us your car at Maria Zambrano

  1. It is very important that if you fall behind or advance in relation to the agreed time you call us, we follow your orders it is very important that you keep this in mind. We will be waiting for you at the RENFE station.
  2. When you arrive to take your train you have to look for the up and down lane of passengers, which is parallel to the taxi rank, you can park right in front of the main door of the station and it is right in this area where you We pick up the car.
  3. You will see us and we will recognize your car by the registration mark and the model as well as by the color. We wear a uniform of the company 1-parking, the color is lime green and a blue cap.
  4. In the act of collecting your vehicle we will sign a contract for which we already take charge of your vehicle from that moment the vehicle is covered by the Generali insurance company at all risk.1-Parking returns your car to Maria Zambrano.
  5. When you are passing the Antequera station, the first thing you have to do is call us and give the order for us to bring your car to the Maria Zambrano station, you will need to tell us the model and the registration number of your car.
  6. After picking up luggage or not, you have to leave the station by the same door that you entered as you simply have to leave and look for the meeting point where we picked up your vehicle.
  7. In less than 5 minutes we are committed to being at the same point where you delivered the vehicle.
  8. It is at this time when you pay for the service.

The parking service is personalized and is performed at the main door of the RENFE AVE Malaga station, more commonly known as Maria Zambrano Station.


The fog at the Malaga Airport

The fog was the cause of the incidents that were experienced at the Malaga Airport. The deviation of flights from Malaga Airport, where the visibility was very low and several flights had to be diverted to Granada and Seville. Only those from Melilla managed to land during the afternoon. The head of the control tower of the Malaga Airport informed last night of the incident deviation of 16 flights and of the suspension due to the landings, by the security protocol of the Malaga Airport, before the persistence of the fog.

The landings were possible again around half past ten at night, when conditions of visibility improved.
In the case of our parking at Malaga Airport, we were waiting for the last customers from Seville, because although our service is 24h, the number of diverted flights forced all the staff to stay in the afternoon to give a correct service to our customers affected by the fog at the Malaga Airport.

Malaga Airport Parking

Travelers who travel to Malaga airport have different parking options at the airport in Malaga.
There are private parking spaces that bring you to the terminal with a minibus, you have to leave your car in a car park and then wait to be picked up and taken back to your car.
Another option is to contract the services of AENA and its long stay parking, which has for its customers a courtesy minibus from the camp where they park their car to the terminal, but the frequency of this minibus is sometimes exasperating, according to most of the opinions of the clients and also does not leave parking as cheap as it is published.
And the most comfortable option for us and the one we recommend is to be able to arrive with the car to the departure terminal itself, right there to leave your vehicle that a person will pick it up and on its return that in that same point they will return it. In the Malaga airport there are several companies that provide this type of service, our, is one more option that is already in the decision of the customers to choose our proposal or a different one, what is clear is that no matter how much the Malaga airport is taken is that there is nothing in not facilitating our work and many more companies, we want to offer a valet parking service to our customers with professionalism and quality.

Malaga Airport Express parking area

Malaga airport has four parking areas reserved for its customers and located within the airport facilities. The four offer different prices to cover the needs of the user: long stay, general and short stay parking; parking with height higher than 2,20m.
Now to leave and pick up customers or relatives, AENA forces you to enter the Express car park. Aena says that the first 15 minutes are free, but if this period is exceeded, the amount to be paid is from the moment of entry to the Express parking area. It is impossible to leave a customer or a relative at this time because there are too many cars always, beware of the price that is very high.

Airport Malaga, Aena company slam closure of free drop-off zone

The decision of Malaga Airport manager Aena to forbid the parking companies’ vehicles to park outside the departures terminal 3, had created a ‘giant mess’.

The parking companies’ they are now threatening legal action and demonstrations against AENA, which announced the zone would be closed as part of currently ongoing works to tackle traffic jams.

Representatives from the two major car hire and minibus pick-up associations Aeca and Aesva have held meetings with Aena to try resolve the issue, which also affects private vehicles, so far without success., alerts to all our customers that you ony have 15 minutes to stay in the Parking departures terminal.

How do you park at Malaga Airport?


1-Parking Malaga, as a concept was born from the idea of ​​its founders. People who travel a lot will one day get tired of having to take a minibus with which they moved from one place to another and losing precious time.

It is true that when one goes on a trip first thought is to do with where I leave the car because the parking located at the airport or in RENFE are expensive and the seaport is as nonexistent. Raised the issue of the company’s founders thought what would be for them excellent service for your car, and concluded that it would be best that a trusted and proven solvency, pick up your car right at the airport terminal Malaga here or right outside the train station in Malaga, or even better walk the boat that will cruise.

This is exactly what they wanted people who founded his 1st-parking, and how it was possible to make it happen and also to every person I comment all agreed it would be a great service, it was finally decided to found the company 1-Parking Spain SL, with the sole aim of satisfying those customers who for once and all who want to repeat, want to experience the pleasure of the desired point in this one person to give a pickup of your own vehicle and around this trip that same person awarding them completely clean your car inside and out.

This was the dream of a great service, and this is just what we do every day. Fulfill the dream of our customers, as its founders dreamed it.

Thank you for putting something more important than your car,
His confidence.