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In order to give you the best prices and services, we can offer three types of parking in the Malaga Airport, zoned.

  • Zone 1 - Exterior, guarded, fenced 24h
  • Zone 2 - Exterior, covered, fenced 24-hour security
  • Zone 3 - Interior, guarded in a closed unit


Book your parking space at Malaga Airport on our website or by phone. Once confirmed the reservation at Malaga Airport Car Park you can follow the steps that are explained below.

Step 1


Arrival at Malaga Airport Parking

If you are late or early in relation to the time reserved, call us and we will follow your orders, it is very important to keep this in mind, coordination is paramount to the success of the service. When you arrive at the Airport of Malaga, on your left hand side you will see the brewery SAN MIGUEL, go straight ahead and until you see some high signs.

Arrival at Malaga Airport Parking Departures

You have to follow the DEPARTURES indication (you have to go to the DEPARTURES terminal)


Step 2


Where to find 1-parking at the Malaga Airport

As you walk to the top of Malaga Airport, look very carefully and follow the indications of PARKING EXPRESS OR ONLY AUTHORIZED, there will be a moment when you will realize that on your right hand side there is a glass building with a very high ceiling, which is the terminal 3 of Departures of Malaga airport.

Where to find 1-parking at the Malaga Airport

Once you get to the barrier, you must take the ticket from machine. Please don’t lose it, since after your reception we need both your key and ticket to take your vehicle to our facilities.

Where to find 1-parking at the Malaga Airport

Specifically once you are inside the PARKING EXPRESS, you have to go to the location between columns 12 to 14. It is at that particular point, where our valets will be waiting for you at the contracted time.


Step 3


Get your car at the Malaga Airport - Parking

The location of the reception area and later delivery of your vehicle, is located in front of the departure terminal, this makes our service comfortable and easy it is only a 1-minute-walk to the terminal.

Get your car at the Malaga Airport - Parking

The procedure of the reception of your car, lasts a maximum of 5 minutes, since we have to do the photographic examination of your vehicle and we have to formalize the deposit agreement. Remember that this is the same point where we will return your car when you arrive back from your trip at Malaga airport.


Step 4


When you land if you do not have to collect luggage, call us to give the order to bring your car to the point of delivery, inside the PARKING EXPRESS (between columns 12 to 14). In case you have to pick up your luggage, call us when you already have the suitcases in your possession, never call us before, since you only have 15 free minutes to take your car out of the Parking Express and this way you do not have that to pay the ticket, so please do not call us before having the suitcases in your hand.

Remember that when you leave the security zone you will get to the big arrivals reception of Malaga airport. DO NOT GO OUT TO THE STREET, just take a lift or one of the ramps that take you to the top (Departures terminal) of Malaga airport.

When you are upstairs again, go outside to the street, you will recognize the place where you gave us your car, it is right at this point where the operator is waiting to give you the car. It is at this moment when you have to pay the service and you are given the key of your car and the PARKING EXPRESS ticket for you to leave.



  1. It is very important that if you are late or early in relation to the agreed time, please call us, we follow orders and it is very important that you keep this in mind.
  2. When you arrive to take your flight, you have to look for the departures terminal. This is located at the top of the airport. Once you take the parking ticket at the entrance of the terminal you must continue until you enter the interior area of the parking Bienvenida - Express, between columns 12 and 14 our staff will be waiting to pick up the vehicle. (Remember that this is the same point where you will pick up the car on your return).
  3. You will see us wearing a lime green uniform with badges from the company 1-parking and a blue cap, and we will recognize your car by the brand, number plate, model and color.
  4. In the act of collecting your vehicle we will sign a contract with attached photographs with the date and time of delivery to reflect the condition of the car at the moment you hand us the car. From this moment the vehicle is covered by our insurance company, with coverage for the transfer both in the delivery and in the collection.



  1. When you land, as you leave the plane, the first thing you need to do is pick up your luggage, when you already have the suitcases in your possession, and never before, call us and tell us the model of your car and only the numbers of your registration.
  2. In case you do not have checked bags, once you are off the plane, call us indicating only model and registration number, while you go to the interior reception of the Arrivals terminal of Malaga Airport where normally there are many people, it is important that without leaving the terminal you take one of the elevators or use the escalators or mechanical ramps to go to the top floor. This way you will be located again at the top of the terminal, which corresponds to the Departures terminal. Once in this position, you simply have to go outside and look for the point where you dropped your vehicle.
  3. In less than 15 minutes we are committed to being at the same point where you gave us the vehicle, inside the PARKING EXPRESS between columns 12 and 14.
  4. It is at this moment when you make the payment of the service.


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