The fog at the Malaga Airport

The fog was the cause of the incidents that were experienced at the Malaga Airport. The deviation of flights from Malaga Airport, where the visibility was very low and several flights had to be diverted to Granada and Seville. Only those from Melilla managed to land during the afternoon. The head of the control tower of the Malaga Airport informed last night of the incident deviation of 16 flights and of the suspension due to the landings, by the security protocol of the Malaga Airport, before the persistence of the fog.

The landings were possible again around half past ten at night, when conditions of visibility improved.
In the case of our parking at Malaga Airport, we were waiting for the last customers from Seville, because although our service is 24h, the number of diverted flights forced all the staff to stay in the afternoon to give a correct service to our customers affected by the fog at the Malaga Airport.