Malaga Airport Parking

Travelers who travel to Malaga airport have different parking options at the airport in Malaga.
There are private parking spaces that bring you to the terminal with a minibus, you have to leave your car in a car park and then wait to be picked up and taken back to your car.
Another option is to contract the services of AENA and its long stay parking, which has for its customers a courtesy minibus from the camp where they park their car to the terminal, but the frequency of this minibus is sometimes exasperating, according to most of the opinions of the clients and also does not leave parking as cheap as it is published.
And the most comfortable option for us and the one we recommend is to be able to arrive with the car to the departure terminal itself, right there to leave your vehicle that a person will pick it up and on its return that in that same point they will return it. In the Malaga airport there are several companies that provide this type of service, our, is one more option that is already in the decision of the customers to choose our proposal or a different one, what is clear is that no matter how much the Malaga airport is taken is that there is nothing in not facilitating our work and many more companies, we want to offer a valet parking service to our customers with professionalism and quality.