Park in the AVE of Málaga with 1Parking

See for yourself, comfortable with this personalized service ?Evaluate yourselves.

If you already have a reservation in our Renfe Malaga car park, please note that the telephones indicated at the top of your reservation are two switchboards and 5 telephones ring at the same time. We do not use mobile phones for security, if you are ever called from a mobile phone, it is an extension of the parking. Do not memorize that phone because no one will answer your call, this is very important for your communication with us.

Keep in mind the following steps and the AVE Malaga parking service will be a success.

You give us your car at Maria Zambrano

  1. It is very important that if you fall behind or advance in relation to the agreed time you call us, we follow your orders it is very important that you keep this in mind. We will be waiting for you at the RENFE station.
  2. When you arrive to take your train you have to look for the up and down lane of passengers, which is parallel to the taxi rank, you can park right in front of the main door of the station and it is right in this area where you We pick up the car.
  3. You will see us and we will recognize your car by the registration mark and the model as well as by the color. We wear a uniform of the company 1-parking, the color is lime green and a blue cap.
  4. In the act of collecting your vehicle we will sign a contract for which we already take charge of your vehicle from that moment the vehicle is covered by the Generali insurance company at all risk.1-Parking returns your car to Maria Zambrano.
  5. When you are passing the Antequera station, the first thing you have to do is call us and give the order for us to bring your car to the Maria Zambrano station, you will need to tell us the model and the registration number of your car.
  6. After picking up luggage or not, you have to leave the station by the same door that you entered as you simply have to leave and look for the meeting point where we picked up your vehicle.
  7. In less than 5 minutes we are committed to being at the same point where you delivered the vehicle.
  8. It is at this time when you pay for the service.

The parking service is personalized and is performed at the main door of the RENFE AVE Malaga station, more commonly known as Maria Zambrano Station.