1-Parking wants to guarantee the safety of its customers, with an innovative vehicle parking service.

At 1-parking we are aware about the health of our customers. That is why we offer a clean service in all vehicles that park with us, through the use of OZONE machines that allows the complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms present on any surface such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. We do it every time when a customer uses our service, either at the MALAGA AIRPORT, MARIA ZAMBRANO STATION as well as in the MARITIME PORT OF MALAGA.

Disinfection takes around 15 minutes.

We are also serving clients at home on request. Ask us about a budget, you will be surprised!

The use of ozone is very useful and is based on the fact that it is a powerful oxidant that, after eliminating viruses and pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. This is how ozone machines become sanitizing. VERY IMPORTANT, it does not use any type of chemical or dangerous material, which is 100% ecological when done the cleaning inside the customers vehicles.