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Alicante Long Term Parking
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As a customer, you will find many options to park your car for long periods at Alicante Airport or at Alicante Train Station. However, none of those options will offer a service as comprehensive and professional as the one we provide at our parking facility. We continuously strive to improve our car maintenance service each year, which is why we are experts in handling vehicles parked for extended periods. Here are the key points to understand what we do with your car while it is parked with us:

  1. We start your car weekly to prevent battery and electrical component issues during its stay at our parking facility.
  2. We check the tire pressure every 15 days without moving your vehicle to prevent deformation. This is important because prolonged parking can affect your car's tires if not monitored.
  3. We provide a monthly car wash to protect the paintwork from excessive wear, depending on the parking zone where your vehicle is located.
  4. If your car has been parked for more than 3 months, we add a fuel additive to prevent corrosion and potential damages.
  5. Once a month, during one of the engine starts, we activate the air conditioning to avoid compressor discharge issues.

These 5 points are crucial to consider when parking your car for a long period at Alicante Airport or at Alicante Renfe Terminal Station. As our customer, you can rely on our expertise and specialized long-term parking service.

Another advantage of parking your car with 1-parking is our exclusive pick-up and drop-off service, available at both Alicante Airport and Alicante Renfe-Ave Station. You can enter and exit throughout the year or the duration of your contract. You will always leave your car at the main entrance of the airport terminal, Renfe station, or Alicante Bus Terminal.

Being able to arrive, leave your car, and retrieve it in the same spot, clean inside and out, whenever you need to travel, is a convenient, secure, and cost-effective service, as confirmed by many of our clients.

The locations where we offer our long-term parking services are:

  • Alicante Airport.
  • Alicante Train Station.
  • Alicante Bus Terminal

We specialize in long-term vehicle parking in Alicante.


In the event that you send a friend on vacation to Alicante and they want to use your car, this person must come with the original authorization that you have sent us by email, signed by both parties.


1 PARKING Aeropuerto S.L.
N-338, 1,5 km
03195 Elche, Alicante

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