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Since 2010 1-parking in Málaga has been collaborating in different charitable projects, of which we will be informing our clients through the web and social networks.

Without our clients this would never have been possible, so we thank you for your confidence when choosing our services.
1-parking Alicante takes the decision to join this project and donate a part of its revenue in favor of those who really need it, and the first thing it has collaborated in has been the creation of a social soup kitchen in Málaga.

The soup kitchen is called "Er Banco Güeno" (The Good Bank), and today it is already providing 800 meals a day.

Medicos sin Fronteras


We are pleased to communicate, that 1-parking Alicante has reached an agreement with Doctors Without Borders to enhance the platform in Comunidad Valenciana and thus contribute with another good cause abroad but from home.

In a first step we will increase our investment in the Adamawa refugee camp, we focus on this area as one of the most punished and most needed.
In case someone wants to join this initiative, we put them in contact with the person of Doctors Without Borders that manages our account.

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