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Streamlined Parking Delivery and Collection Exchanger Service Alicante



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Delivery location point:

  • Alicante Airport
  • Alicante Train Station
  • Malaga Bus Station

Collection location point:

  • Malaga Airport
  • Malaga Train Station
  • Malaga Bus Station

The Delivery and Collection Connection Exchanger

Our customers can now benefit from our Exchanger service, a convenient and cost-effective solution. This service connects delivery and collection locations based on the individual needs of our customers during their journey.

For example, if a customer begins their journey at a train station, we will pick up their car from the station. Likewise, if the customer returns from their trip at an airport, we will arrange for the car to be returned there.

The same principle applies if a customer starts their journey at an airport and returns at a train station.

This service was introduced in response to the growing demand we have observed recently. We understand that many customers travel from one location to another, such as catching cruises, and then return using different transportation methods, requiring their car to be returned to them at a specific location. This is just one example of the needs we can address with this new service. Let us know your parking service requirements, and we will guide you through the process.

Possible combinations of connection location:

Alicante Airport Alicante Airport
Alicante Airport Alicante Train Station
Alicante Airport Puerto de Alicante
Alicante Train Station Alicante Train Station
Alicante Train Station Alicante Airport
Alicante Train Station Alicante Bus Terminal
Alicante Bus Terminal Alicante Bus Terminal
Alicante Bus Terminal Malaga Airport
Alicante Bus Terminal Malaga Train Station
= Change of location | = No change of location

Alicante Airport, at the departures area of El Altet Airport. Located on the upper level of the airport, it provides access to the designated area for passenger drop-off and pick-up within the Express Parking.

Alicante Train Station, at the main entrance of the Ave train station in Alicante. Situated parallel to the main entrance, it allows vehicle access to the lane for passenger drop-off and pick-up.

Alicante Bus Terminal, this service is available for both the area serving ships departing to the Balearic Islands, as well as the terminal for large cruise ships.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact our reservations department.


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