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Parking at Malaga Airport, AVE RENFE Station and Maritim Port.



Due to the new traffic regulations imposed by AENA, all vehicles will be required to pick up and drop off passengers within the EXPRESS PARKING (P). Just as you pass the covered area of the departures terminal on your left-hand side, take the first entrance. You must take a ticket to hand over your car along with the ticket, as indicated in the image below. We will be waiting for you as you enter with your car on the right-hand side between columns 12 and 14 of the parking lot. This is the same point where we will return your car, always within the departures terminal of Malaga airport and inside the parking lot. We will keep you informed as the works at Malaga airport are completed.


Welcome to 1-Parking Spain S.L. a new concept, valet parking at Malaga airportsea port of Malaga or Malaga railway station, developed for all those people looking for comfort convenience and comfort in all his travels.

1-parking, is the solution to parking problems in many airports in Spain. When traveling for days, weeks or months, this service gives you the independence and peace of travel in your own car from his home to the airporttrain station or sea portSaving timemoney and gaining comfort not having to worry about that have to do with your car when you reach the destination from which you and your family leave for holidays or for other reasons have to travel by planetrain or boat.

Please read "How it works". This section will explain the operation of each of the procedures we offer.


We can handle your parking request at Malaga - Costa del Sol airport, Malaga train station, or Malaga port. You can choose from three parking options at the best price.

  • Zone 1 - Exterior, guarded, fenced 24h
  • Zone 2 - Exterior, covered, fenced 24-hour security
  • Zone 3 - Interior, guarded in a closed unit


Vehicle pick-up and delivery at the Malaga airport terminal. Exterior vehicle washing. Level check. Tire pressure check.

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If you wish, during your stay in the parking lot, you can order extra maintenance and/or cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of upholstery or leather.
  • Interior-exterior washing for 4x4 or Van.
  • Cleaning of ceiling and carpet.
  • Vehicle polishing.
  • Oil and filter change 10-40.
  • Synthetic oil and filter change 5-40.
  • Replace light bulbs.
  • Replacement of brake pads or discs.
  • Air conditioning recharge.
  • Tire change.
  • Pre-ITV check.
  • ITV inspection for your car.
  • Bodywork and painting.

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Now 1 Parking customers can choose different pick-up and drop-off points for their vehicle, such as leaving their car at the Renfe station in Malaga and picking it up at Malaga airport upon their return.

Connect two locations for your parking in Malaga.


1-PARKING Spain S.L.
C/Nicolas Gogol 14
29004 Malaga

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