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Concepto de parking en alicante


1-Parking Alicante, as a concept, born from the idea of its founders: people who travel a lot, and one day, tired of having to take a minibus with which they moved from one place to another, thus losing precious time, decided to save this step and create a direct and personalized service of Pick-Up and Return of vehicles added to the parking service.

It is true that when you go on a trip the first thing you think about is what to do with the car, where to leave it, since the parking lots located at the airport, the train station are expensive or inexistent as in at Alicante Bus Station.

To deal with this problem, the founders of the company thought about what would be for them the best service at the time of leaving your car in the parking lot, and concluded that it would be best for someone with confidence and experience to pick up their car right at the departure terminal of the Airport - El Altet, at the door of the Renfe - Ave Train Station, or better yet, at the foot of the ship with which you are going to go out on a cruise.

Precisely this was the service wished by the people who back in the day founded 1-Parking, and as it was possible to make and all agreed that it would be a great service, it was finally decided to found the company 1-Parking Aeropuerto SL, with the sole objective of satisfying all those customers who, for the first time or for those who want to repeat, want to experience the pleasure of having a person at the desired point to give them the service of picking up their own vehicle upon departure, and on their return from their trip the Return service of your car totally clean.

This was the dream of creating excellent service, and this is exactly what we do every day. We make the dreams of our customers come true, just as their founders dreamed.

Thanks for giving us something more important than your car,
Your trust.

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