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1 parking team is always ready to offer the best service, resolve doubts and other matters that may arise to our customers. Not only is parking your car, our personalized service is our hallmark.

Telephone: 952 067 048 o 902 009 620
WhatsApp: 626 749 468
Email: info@1-parking.com
Company: 1-Parking Spain S.L.
Direction: C/Nicolas Gogol 14, 29004 Malaga, España


1 Parking Logo

Distinctive 1-parking

This flag may recognize what our customers on the back of each of the people who form the team of 1-parking. Both the polar lime green coat and waterproof the same color using the 1-parking staff with this distinction.

1 Parking Icon

Icon 1-parking

The icon of the company is present in uniform, either in the navy blue cap, or in the lime green polo. You can also locate it in the applications that we have developed for parking in Malaga.

1 Parking Seal

Logo 1-parking

This logo is copyright to our deposit agreement parking. It is also the seal used in the quality certificate each vehicle parked in our car park, you have to bring in the rearview to delivery to the customer.



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