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You as a customer find a lot of supply to park your car for long periods at Malaga airport or the train station in Malaga. But surely none of these deals find such a complete and professional service as we offer on our parking. We have tried each year to improve service in the maintenance of your car, which is why we are professionals and specialists maintain long stays parked vehicles. Below we list the most important points for you to know we do with your car for as long as is parked with us.

  1. We started weekly your car to the battery and electrical components do not suffer the stoppage of the vehicle, during the stay in our parking.
  2. Every 15 days reviewing the tire pressure without moving your vehicle, this will prevent warping. It is important because when a car is parked for longer stays if this is not your car wheels monitors can be affected.
  3. A monthly wash, because depending on which parking this vehicle, must be cared for lacquer paint not too wear.
  4. If your drive takes stopped more than 3 months, we add an additive to the fuel to prevent corrosion and subsequent breakdowns.
  5. Once every month, in one of the commissioning, we activate the air conditioning. This avoids the compressor discharge car.

These 5 points are very important and must be taken into account when parking your car for long term at Malaga airport or at the train station Maria Zambrano of Malaga, as a client note that we are specialists in parking long stay and our experience at your service.

Another advantage you get parking his car with 1-parking, is the exclusive delivery and collection des or vehicle that we do both at the airport of Malaga, and the train station in Malaga. You can make entries and exits throughout the year or the time you hire. Anytime you leave your car at the front door of the airport terminal, train station or port Malaga.

To arrive, leave your car and pick his return in the same spot, clean inside and out, every time you need to travel. This was said by many of our customers a convenient, safe and economical service.

The points where we serve long stay parking are:

  • Malaga Airport
  • Malaga Train station
  • Malaga Port


We specialize in long term parking for vehicles in Malaga.

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