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1 Parking Malaga Social Action

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Since 2010, has been collaborating in different charitable projects, which we will inform our clients about through the website and social media.

Without our clients, this would never have been possible, so we thank you for your trust in choosing our services. has made the decision to donate a portion of its revenue to help those who truly need it, and the first thing we have collaborated on is the creation of a soup kitchen in Malaga.

The soup kitchen is called "Er Banco Güeno," and it is currently serving over 800 meals per day.

Doctors Without Borders


We are pleased to announce that 1 Parking Malaga has reached an agreement with Doctors Without Borders to promote the platform in Andalusia and contribute to another good cause beyond our borders but from our own land.

As a first step, we will enhance investment in the Adamawa refugee camp, focusing on this area because it is one of the most affected and in greatest need.

If anyone wants to join this initiative, we will put them in contact with the person from Doctors Without Borders who manages our account.


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