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1 Parking Malaga
Minas de Cala, Malaga – Malaga Airport


Minas de Cala (Malaga) – Malaga Airport, parking service.

Malaga Airport Parking from Minas de Cala, Malaga

Your location: Minas de Cala (Malaga)
Destination: Malaga Airport Parking

How does it work

Our parking service is comparable to valet parking.

Departure Procedures:
You will arrive from Minas de Cala, Malaga, at Malaga Airport.
You leave your car at our designated location as close as possible to the departure terminal. This way, you have easy access to eliminate stress and other transit services.
We will take your car to our secure parking facilities where it will be parked during your absence. (3 parking zones available)

Arrival Procedures:
Call us when the plane lands at Malaga Airport.
We will bring our car to the same place where you left it.
You will return to Minas de Cala, Malaga, from Malaga Airport in comfort.

Our Parking Prices

You would think our service would be expensive with our extended service, but we are actually much cheaper than other parking services at Malaga Airport and its surroundings. Clearly, the easiest and most convenient way to park at Malaga Airport would be to use the parking right next to the terminal. But of course, it is very expensive. So, our solution is the valet parking service. You will have the same parking experience at the airport, but with a huge price cut. Read more about our parking zones and prices here.

Customers from Minas de Cala, Malaga, We have used our Malaga parking services in the past because it is easy, convenient, and affordable.

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