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1 Parking Alicante
Cieza, Murcia – Alicante Airport


Cieza (Murcia) – Renfe AVE Alicante, parking service

Parking at Renfe Alicante from Cieza, Murcia, AVE Station.

Your location: Cieza (Murcia)
Destination: Renfe Parking Alicante

If you are traveling by train from the AVE Station in Alicante, you should compare the parking options operating near the AVE Station in Alicante if you are coming from Cieza, Murcia. The rates and prices can vary more than you can imagine.

When comparing the prices of the different parking facilities you will find, we advise you to carefully read about the type of service they offer and what is included.

If you are coming from Cieza, Murcia and you are traveling with children or individuals with reduced mobility, we advise you to choose the option of vehicle pick-up and drop-off in the passenger drop-off area at the station, just before entering the saba parking. This service offered by 1-parking is convenient and economical. Coming from Cieza, Murcia, it guarantees that there will be a person waiting for you at the AVE Station in Alicante, so you will quickly board the train in just 2 minutes.

Coordinating between the customer, who in your case is coming from Cieza, Murcia by road, and the staff at 1-parking is very important because we know that unforeseen events can occur when traveling by road, and the arrival time may not be exact but approximate.

Before starting your journey from Cieza, Murcia to the AVE Station in Alicante, you can visit our website and with a simple click on the exact location where we will be waiting for you at the AVE Train Station in Alicante. This way, with our coordinates, you will have no problem in accurately plotting the trip from your home in Cieza, Murcia to the AVE Station in Alicante.

Please note that while you are traveling, 1-parking is the only parking that offers you the possibility to tune up your car, whether it's for passing the ITV (MOT) or for getting it serviced at an official dealership, which doesn't have to be in Cieza, Murcia. We can arrange an appointment for you at any official workshop near the Station in Alicante. We also handle accident claims, so you can get your car repaired while you travel. Visit our website and you will realize the many advantages of parking with us compared to other parking services operating at the AVE Station in Alicante.

We look forward to welcoming you at the AVE Station in Alicante when you come from Cieza, Murcia and need convenient and affordable parking. Don't worry, we take care of your car while you travel.

Customers from Cieza, Murcia, we have used our parking services in Alicante in the past because it's easy, convenient, and affordable.

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