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The deals we offer our customers in this section are for parking only benefits us. When you park your car in our parking you can take to make your car all those things that lack of time can not make you, or simply how annoying it is to stay without a car.

10% discount
Offer: Charging of air conditioning

Parking offers additional services

Each month we offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy some discounts at some of the accessories that your car needs maintenance. This is possible because our parking, negotiated for you by the total volume of customers so you can benefit from an exceptional price.

  Additional parking services Price Offer
Charging of air conditioning50€ / 45.00€10% discount
For additional services please
Read about our additional services

The offer is always available for guests who park us at Malaga airport or in the train station Maria Zambrano of Malaga.

Offers parking in the seaport of Malaga

n the case of sea port of Malaga, specifically in boats off Ceuta or Melilla, please let us ask availability for a logistics issue, this same applies to vehicles that collect in the cruise terminal port of Malaga.

Should they ask us repair is not possible because of time, do not worry because we offer a replacement car for 15 € a day.

Any questions or concerns they may arise, do not hesitate to contact us.

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