Easyjet and Rynair continue to fly to the Canary Island despite Johnson’s recommendation

A month and a half after the United Kingdom advised against traveling to the Canary Islands, two major airlines that operate in this market, Easyjet and Ryanair, continue with their operations between the United Kingdom and the Canary Islands. However, in the case of the former, the suspension of the tourist packages organized by its Easyjet Holidays division continues.

Meanwhile, other large issuing groups in the United Kingdom continue to extend the cancellation of all planned departures to the Canary Islands, waiting for a change to avoid a quarantine upon return. This is the case of TUI UK and Jet2, which do not plan to issue travelers to the Canary Islands at least until next October 27 (if Jet2 ends the summer season in the Canary Islands).

The hope for both British agencies and Spanish destinations is that the Boris Johnson government will ease travel restrictions. This option has gained momentum after a new policy was announced to boost European air corridors, these corridors will be reviewed weekly. This measure has given some hope to the Spanish tourism sector and to a large number of Britons who want to enjoy their holidays in the Canary Islands.

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