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We are proud to offer our customers the best service in the Parking sector of the province of Alicante. Our service is always changing and growing in the demand of our customers. It is our clients who modify and shape our service offer.


Our service includes small extras that we believe our customers appreciate. These are some of the services that are included in the Price.

  • Pick-up and delivery.
  • Courtesy bus (Optional, if the customer prefers).
  • Exterior and interior car wash.
  • Oil levels checkup.
  • Tire pressure checkup.


How many times you have not left the car in the workshop not to be without it, now that you do not need it for a few days, is the best time to do all the repairs that you have not been able to do in your car.

  Additional parking services Price Offer
Exterior washFree
Cleaning of the upholstery or leather85€
Interior and exterior washing of a 4x4 or van38€
Ceiling and carpet cleaning60€
Car polish110€
Oil-filter change 10-4048€
Changing of synthetic oil-filter65€
Replacing of light bulbs10€
Changing of brake pads or discs30€
Charging of air conditioning50€ / 45.00€10% discount
Wheel Change40€
Pass the ITV test25€
MOT your car120€
Body paintingPrice on request
For additional services please read below

It is very easy, when you make the reservation, leave a note in "comments" and tell us what you need to repair in your car. The day that we receive it we will carry out the work order and get down to work.

In case we have not been able to give you a budget for not having the vehicle with us, nothing happens, the same day we the pick up your car, we will send you an email or get in contact with you to provide you with the detailed budget.

If you give us your approval, we will proceed to charge your credit card, and the 1-Parking Alicante workshop will start to work on your car. So when you return from your trip your vehicle is be ready.

¡Take advantage of your trip and use 1-Parking Alicante!

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