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The offers in this section are only benefits for parking with 1-Parking. When you park your car with us you can take advantage and do to your car all those things that for lack of time you cannot do, or you just do not do them because of the inconvenience of being without your car.

10% discount
Offer: Charging of air conditioning

Parking offers with additional services

Each month we offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy discounts on some of the maintenance services that your car requires. This is possible thanks to the fact that 1-parking negotiates with its suppliers a discount for the high volume of clients, likewise 1-parking has that discount so that you can receive an exceptional price.

  Additional parking services Price Offer
Charging of air conditioning50€ / 45.00€10% discount
For additional services please
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The Offer is always available to those clients who park with us at Alicante Airport, or Renfe Alicante Train Station.

Parking offers in Alicante Bus Station

In the case of the Port of Alicante, specifically in the departure of ships to the Balearic Islands, we ask you to ask for availability for a logistics issue, the same happens with the vehicles we pick up at the Alicante Port cruise terminal.

In case the repair you requested is not possible due to lack of time, do not worry, because we will put at your disposal a replacement car from 15€ a day.

Any questions or doubts that may arise, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for booking your parking service 1-Parking.


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